Free Downloads for the Daz Studio and Poser Horse Figures

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Free Downloads for Daz Studio and Poser Horse Models.
The Daz Studio and Poser content here includes some of my textures, poses, morphs and characters for the various 3d horse models, including the low poly P4 horse and the Millennium Horse (MilHorse). If you like these free downloads please check out my premium content items at my store here.

Free addons for the Daz Millennium Horse (click image for download)

Smooth eyes morph injection for the Millennium Horse by Daz3d.

Smooth Eyes Morph

Get rid of the tired looking eye bags on the Daz3d Millennium Horse with this custom morph injection.

Extra detail for the Millennium Horse Head (MilHorse)

MilHorse Classic Head Morph

A subtle more chiselled look for the Daz3d Millennium Horse with this free morph target.

Alla's Arabian for the Daz 3d Millennium Horse 3d Model

Alla's Arabian Character

Millennium Horse Arabian custom character for Poser and Daz Studio. This is a full Poser CR2 file with all unneeded data and channels stripped out to be lighter on memory.

Free longer lashes for the Millennium Horse from Daz 3d

Longer Eyelashes Morph Target

Long lush eyelashes morph target for the Daz MilHorse!

Ram's Head for the Millennium Horse

Rams Head Morph

Ram’s Head morph target for the Millennium Horse, like a lot of heavy horses and traditional cobs.

Free addons for the Poser P4 Horse (click image for download)

Free Poser Download - easy poser p4 horse with realistic grey texture

Easy Pose Horse for Poser

Easy Pose Horse for the P4 horse that shipped with older versions of Poser. Includes eye props with corneas, exclusive morphs, ERC easy posing dials and realistic grey horse texture. This old model is still great for filling in background content for your renders as it is a low poly figure and light on system resources.

Realistic dun free texture for the poser horse

P4 Buckskin / Dun Texture

Realistic buckskin or dun P4 Horse Texture and MAT pose.

Free hi resolution photographic black texture for the Poser 4 horse

P4 Hi Resolution Black Horse Texture

Free hi resolution photographic black texture for the Poser 4 horse. This horse comes with Poser 4, Poser 5 and Poser 6. Set includes MAT poses (In the camera folder)

Dapple Grey Texture for the Poser P4 Horse

P4 Horse Dapple Grey Texture

Free Poser Horse Dapple Grey texture (includes MAT poses).

free horse textures

Spring Bay

A photo-based realistic bay texture for the P4 horse model. The photos for the texture was taken of our welsh section c pony in spring when his first dark, glossy bay coat is coming through but the hair is still long and plush.

Free horse texture - Przewalski Horse for Poser P4 horse 3d model

Przewalski Horse texture for P4 Horse

Free wild and primitive horse texture for Poser and Daz Studio.

Free photoreal chestnut horse texture for the Poser horse

Sleek Chestnut Horse Texture

Photo based texture for the poser horse. This horse comes with Poser 4, Poser 5 and Poser 6.

Free Donkey Texture for Daz Zebra

Free little donkey for Poser

Photo real texture to turn the Daz3d Zebra into a cute little donkey. Zip file includes texture and transparency map.

Unicorn horn free download for Poser p4 horse

Unicorn Horn Prop

Free Unicorn Horn prop for Poser and Daz Studio, smart parented to the P4 horse. Similar to a Narwhal’s horn, a used in my Unicorn Moon image.

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  1. WooHoo! What fantastic and cool looking freebies for the Mil Horse! The Arabian morph is especially appreciated. Thank you so much Ladyfyre :D.

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