Hivewire Horse Remap to Take Millennium Horse Textures

New project: Hivewire Horse Remap.

I've had an unexpected few days to myself and brain fog cleared enough to actually get something done, so for the first time in ages fired up Daz Studio. First figure I went for in my content library was the fabulous Hivewire Horse, Harry to see if my now aging pc could manage a few iRay renders (I'm so far behind the 3d world now it's crazy lol).

As I found out an upgrade for my old nvidia graphics card is now seriously on my to do list, so you will have to excuse the grainy renders as I had to cut the quality down under the iRay settings to render a single horse in less than a couple of hours without crashing my computer!

My return to 3d after a long hiatus very happily coincided with CRWR's Cloud Sale and I bought several of her gorgeous texture and character sets for the HW horse, however as I started my old project on making content (poses, custom morphs etc) for Harry I *really* wished I could use some of my own textures that I created for the MilHorse years ago as they have become familiar old friends to me. So I set out trying to remap the HW Horse to the Millennium Horse UVs, or at least just the coat and ears..

Several hours later and I have a working VU set, it's not perfect, the legs and ears don't fully line up but I think it's good enough for my own renders at least. If I'm going to finish up all my other stuff I don't have any more time really to spend on this but I'm so happy to be able t use my own textures at last! They were mostly made from horses we own or of friends horses which is one of the reasons I enjoy using them.

The renders below are a mixture of my own textures and CRWR's with some of the poses & custom morphs I'm working on.

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