Daz Horse 2 Mane

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An alternative conforming mane figure for the Daz Horse 2 (A.K.A. DHorse2 and DH2) by Daz3d.


  • Daz Studio 4.5 & above
  • Daz 3d Daz Horse 2

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Always free Daz Horse 2 Mane

This free conforming mane is an alternative to the mane that is supplied with the new horse figure from Daz3d, the Daz Horse 2.

This free conforming mane is an alternative to the mane that is supplied with the new horse figure from Daz3d.

This conforming mane was made with Daz Studio 4.5 and as such will not work with any older version. At the moment I don’t believe that it is Poser compatible but I am investigating how to make it so.
As the first figure that I have created with Daz Studio it may have a few bugs, please be kind…
There is one known problem, when the horses neck bends tightly the mane figure does not follow very well. I have made a morph named “Bend Fix” in the Fix section of the morphs that helps with this.


To install it unzip to your Daz Studio Library on my pc this is: D:UsersAngelaDocumentsDAZ 3DStudioMy Library so I would unzip it to D:UsersAngelaDocumentsDAZ 3DStudio

Usage tips.

I tend to use two to three of these mane figures conformed to the horse and apply the offset morph to the upper layers to make the mane look thicker.
For background renders I’d only use one mane figure for speed.
The included hair textures will work on the DazHorse2 Tail so that the mane and tail match, but not the trans maps.
I have made all of the strands of mane have their own materials so that as in coloured horses you can apply different textures to different parts of the mane, enabling it to blend into the coat colour.


Share your Addons

If anybody makes and add ons for this figure, ie morphs, poses or textures I will be Happy to host them on my website as free downloads.
I hope that you enjoy using this item!

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  1. thrush (verified owner)

    excellent product thanks,but can u show me how to use the mane on other side thanks so much!

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