Hivewire Horse Harry with Millennium Horse UVs

The Gallery

3d digital art created with Poser, Daz Studio and More

Here is a collection of my digital art that I’ve created over the last 20 years that I’ve been using Poser and Daz Studio. There are also some raw renders that illustrate some of my works in progress for both my artwork and textures, morphs and modelling.
You can purchase my designs here at my Cafepress Shop, Unicorn & Fantasy Gifts

Most of my art is created with Poser and Daz Studio before being post worked in Photoshop.

There is some realism in my artwork but recently I have been leaning towards a more painterly style which is reflected in my most recent pieces.

Click on the images to view the individual albums

Conforming mane for Daz Horse 2 freebie download

Daz Horse 2

The Daz Horse 2 is also a fabulous creation. Look out for my free mane add on here

Hivewire Horse

My Favourite of all the 3d horse to work with as this model is just so versatile and easy to pose.

The Herald, 3d render in Daz Studio with Genesis and dragon

Fantasy Art

Dragons, Unicorns and mythical beings all fantastical creatures!

Maiden elf archer

Digital Humans

All of my favourite portrait renders of people in Poser and Daz Studio

Woodland Unicorn - Daz Horse 2

Unicorn Art

Dragons, Unicorns and mythical beings all fantastical creatures, these are my all time favourite subjects!

Paint Horse Morph and Texture for the Daz Millennium Horse (MilHorse)

All the Other Horses

I've been working with Poser since 1999 and Daz Studio a few years later, all of my older equine art is here.

iRay Render Daz Horse 2 Strand Based Hair V2

Strand Based Hair

Strand Based Hair aka SBH is a new feature of Daz Studio where you can grow and style hair from any geometry or model of your choice without leaving Daz Studio.


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