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3d Digital Art Gallery

Here is a collection of my digital art that I’ve created over the years that I’ve been using Poser and Daz Studio. There are also some raw renders that illustrate some of my works in progress for both my artwork and textures, morphs and modelling.

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Hivewire 3d Horse

Daz Horse 2 Gallery

3d Horse Gallery

Fantasy Gallery

Human Portrait Gallery

You can purchase my designs here at my Cafepress Shop, Unicorn & Fantasy Gifts

Most of my art is created with Poser and Daz Studio before being post worked in Photoshop.

Smith Micro’s Poser 10 is currently on sale at Amazon here: Smith Micro Software Inc. Poser 10 on Sale

Distractions, distractions a new horse model and a new texture…..

Well today whilst waiting for a render to finish, I checked out Daz3d’s news letter and couldn’t resist when I saw that Predatron has a new LoRez Horse model out! I bought it straight away and really like it, it doesn’t have many morphs (as of yet *wink*) but is ideal for the job for […]

Wow just trying out Flame Painter!

Well it seems I am being blown away by free software yet again this week! I have just stumbled upon a forum link to, owned by Peter Blaskovic. This website has the most awesome online free painting application that lets you paint with fractals. I have just spent the last hour happily doodling away […]

Trying out Carrara 7’s Landscaping tools with a Jurassic twist!

I didn’t realise just how good Carrara 7’s terrains can look until I started playing around with this render, and I hardly even scraped the surface as my now ageing computer was complaining too much when I upped the terrain resolution to what I was really wanting to work with. Overall I’m pretty pleased with […]

Early Experiments with Carrara Dynamic Hair

Experimental, Horses, Software, WIPs

Early Experiments with Carrara Dynamic Hair

I just came across these old renders on my Picasa account and thought I’d upload them here.

They are from around the time Carrara 6 Pro was released and it was my aim to create realistic dynamic hair for the Millennium Horse model.

What I learned was that it took an awful lot of work to prepare the MilHorse model for use with dynamic hair in the first place as it has three seperate polygon meshes

Sooty Bay Millennium Horse Texture

I have almost finished a new sooty bay texture for the Daz3d Millennium Horse that will be part of my new package. This is a very detailed glossy texture and is one of my favorites so far. The horse texture package is taking longer than I expected as I keep finding new stuff that I […]

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