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Hello and welcome to LadyfyreGraphics digital doodles. I create my digital artwork mainly with Smith Micro’s Poser, Daz3d‘s Daz Studio, Carrara 8, Daz Hexagon (for 3d modelling), E-on Software’s Vue and of course Adobe Photoshop software.

red eff warrior maid rendered in Poser 7I love making Poser morphs, characters and textures, especially for the poser horse models. I have a small herd of real horses as my muse and use photographs of them and friends horses to build my textures and poses from. I also have some clothing textures and free hair models that I have made over the years available in my free Poser downloads.

I have posted several tutorials and articles here, how to make Poser hair models in Cinema 4d is one example.

xxx ~Angela, owner, Ladyfyre-Graphics.

3d Horse model evolution for Poser & Daz studio

The 3d digital horse models for Poser and Daz Studio

There have been many different 3d horse models over the years (since 1999) that I have been using Poser. In terms of realism and posability they have come a long way yet some of the older models still have a place in your runtime. This is a series of articles discussing all of the ones that I have owned and their pros and cons from the old P4 horse to the Hivewire 3d Horse.

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Ultimate Heavy Horse Textures and Poses

The Heavy Horse model by Bloodsong is the ONLY horse model available for use in Poser that has a properly articulated neck allowing it to graze in a natural pose. Also while I use the Daz Millennium Horse for most of my close up work, I ONLY use the Heavy Horse for large muscular draft animals (ie: Shire horses, Clydesdales, Percherons etc) as the draft morphs for the Millennium Horse just do not cut the mustard. Daz also have their Charger horse model but it too falls short when compared to this model in depicting a large muscular heavy horse. Also if you are creating fantasy or historical art and need a trusty steed for your hero there is no better horse model for Poser than the Heavy Horse!

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