Hivewire Horse Render Gallery

Hivewire Horse Render Gallery

Here are some renders and illustrations that I have created with Daz Studio and the Hivewire 3d Horse model, aka Harry.

If you are looking for a super poseable, realistic looking horse model for your scenes I can’t recommend Harry enough. I own just about every 3d horse model in Poserverse and the only one that came close to this model was my previous favourite, Bloodsong’s old Heavy Horse model.

I am working on several items for Harry, poses, textures and custom morphed characters, some of which you can see here in my gallery. I have also made a rough and ready Millennium Horse UV remap for the HW Horse but there are still some seam issues and I am not sure about the legality of distribution so am going to look into using rte encoder or something like once I have the chance.

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