Ultimate Equine Millennium Horse Poses – 96 Poses


With this mega package for the Daz3d Millennium Horse model you can create an entire herd of horses!

Contains 96 whole body poses PLUS 4 folders of part poses for the horses various body parts so you get a huge variety of poses and will probably never need any more.

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Millennium Horse Poses and Part Poses for the MilHorse from Daz 3d.

This is a mega huge package of realistic poses for the Millennium Horse by Daz3d.

You will never need another pose package for the Millennium Horse again.

This package includes 93 full poses:- standing, walking, trotting, cantering, galloping, rearing, laying, bowing and playing poses.

With the included additional Part Poses in separate folders for head & neck (12 part poses), legs (6 part poses), tail (12 part poses) and ears (7 part poses) you can personalise any of these or other Millennium Horse poses at the click of a button to get the look that you really need!

The Millennium Horse 3d model from Daz3d is needed to use these poses.
This product is intended for use in Poser 5 upwards and Daz|Studio and Carrara.

*The Millennium Horse model was created and sold by Daz 3d, it is also known in the online 3d community as the MilHorse or the Milliehorse.

Lifelike poses for the Daz 3d Millennium Horse poses (MilHorse)
Mega Millennium Horse pose set by Ladyfyre-Graphics. Textures used in render are my own work. Iray Render in Daz Studion
Ultimate Millennium Horse Pose set for sale
Huge set of realistic horse poses for the MilHorse, textures by Cwrw. Iray Render in Daz Studio
Full Poses Number


Part Poses

head & neck (12 part poses), legs (6 part poses), tail (12 part poses) and ears (7 part poses)

Compatible Figure

Daz 3d Millennium Horse, Millennium Horse LE, Millennium Horse Unicorn, Millennium Horse Pegasus (Grane)

Compatible Software

Poser 5 upwards, Daz Studio, Carrara 3d


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