Prancing Ponies PSP Tube


Prancing Ponies Tube for Paint Shop Pro.

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Ladyfyre-Graphics proudly presents our newest offering: Prancing Ponies Tube for Paint Shop Pro.

Prancing Ponies is actually a set of five tubes featuring five adorable 3d ponies made with my own unique custom morphs and textures (not released to date) in different styles to suit every need. One each of the following styles:

Realistic 3d * Pencil Sketch * Drawing * Coloured Pencil * Watercolour

These are not only useful to adding to your 3d scenes (in post work) but also for stationary, cards, website design, illustration, tags and more!.
You can also get more from the Pencil Sketch and Drawing tubes by adding them in a separate layer and changing the layer style from normal to multiply or luminosity and others to get a range of effects.

 *Note: These tubes were made in Paint Shop Pro V9 but should work with all versions.


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