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New Horse model at Daz3d

Daz Horse 2 Mesh

Opened my email today to be informed that Daz3d have a new horse model out. Apparently this one used Genesis technology with weight mapping. I’ve had to pop out just now but just bought the pro bundle and will finish downloading it when I get back home and run it through it’s paces.

Daz 70% off sale this weekend only

I just popped over to Daz3d to buy Victoria 5 (I know I’m late lol) and had a pleasant surprise awaiting me in the form of a flash sale of 70% off the Daz People category for this weekend only – bargain!

Native Pony Character on Sale Now

My Native Pony morph and texture set for the Daz3d Millennium Horse model is now on sale, reduced by 35% to $6.50! This package is based on Ronnie, a real life Welsh Section C  (Welsh Pony of  Cob Type) owned read more

Daz Studio 4 Pro, Hexagon 2.5 and Bryce 7 Pro Free!

Daz Studio basic edition has alway been free but its bigger siblings, Daz Studio Advanced and Daz Studio Pro have always have had a hefty price tag. Well now for a time limited period you can download Daz Studio 4 Pro (the most extensive version) for free.

Sooty Bay Millennium Horse Texture

I have almost finished a new sooty bay texture for the Daz3d Millennium Horse that will be part of my new package. This is a very detailed glossy texture and is one of my favorites so far. The horse texture read more

LFG Draft Horse (new morph for the MilHorse)

This is one of the three morphs that I am currently packaging up for the Daz3d Millennium Horse model. The package will contain three morphed characters, this draft horse, a cute pony and the morph for the paint horse that read more

Daz3d MilHorse Paint Texture

I’ve been quite busy today making a new texture for the MiHorse model. I’m calling it Scout (original huh!) and it is a coloured paint horse texture with beautiful dapples on the bay part of the texture. It is still read more

This weeks freebie from Daz3d

Daz3d (3d software and content provider) give away some pretty cool free downloads every week. This week’s freebie is no exception, it’s a realistic crime scene complete with props! As with all Daz freebies it will be available for one read more

Fresh new look for Ladyfyre-Graphics

Well I’ve been busy for the last couple of days dusting off my bulk of my website, (take a peek here) and after a few different looks I’ve decided on one that I’m happy with for now. I’d love to read more

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