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Custom Genesis 3 Female Character WIP

Custom morphed Genesis 3 female with one of my own hair figures. Daz Studio Iray render.

Custom Genesis 3 Female Character and Hair This was a quick render in Daz Studio iRay of the new custom Genesis 3 Female character that I’ve been experimenting with. This is a full body and face morph and conforming polygon read more

New texture WIP for Hivewire3d Horse

New Texture for Hivewire 3d Horse Harry (WIP)

New Texture for Hivewire 3d Horse Harry I love working with this horse model, it poses amazingly and the way the mane and tail work with the model is sheer genius. On all of these renders I am only using read more

New image finished

The Herald, 3d render in Daz Studio with Genesis and dragon

After several different versions I’ve just finished a new digital art image, Herald. The figures (Genesis and Sub Dragon) were rendered in Daz Studio 4.6 and heavy postwork done in Photoshop and Flame Painter.

Carrara 8.0 & Dynamic Hair Mil Horse

My Millennium Horse Dynamic Hair Project Well today it’s been back to an old project for me as I needed to render a horse with realistic hair in Carrara. I worked on this a few years ago using the Millennium read more

DHorse2 Pony Character Morph

I’ve hit a problem with my mane figure for the Daz Horse 2 model in that when loaded in a scene you can only select it from the scene panel in Daz Studio, I had thought that I had hit a bug in Daz Studio but it doesn’t look as though anything else is effected ūüôĀ

Some of my Unicorn Christmas card designs.

Legend of the Unicorns Christmas cards for sale at cafepress and Zazzle

 Legend of the Unicorns Christmas Cards Postcards (Package of 8) $7.99 Greeting Cards (Pk of 10) $16.99 Greeting Card $3.99 Greeting Cards (Pk of 20) $27.99 Note Cards (Pk of 10) $11.99 Note Cards (Pk of 20) $19.99 Unicorns at read more

Daz Horse 2 in Vue Render Test

Daz Horse 2 rendered in Vue - my own texture work

Just a very quick post to report that after exporting the Daz Horse 2 model from Studio to obj format with the texture maps that it imported smoothly into Vue and rendered¬†beautifuly¬†ūüôā As you can see from the gaps in read more

Remapping the Daz Horse 2

Daz Horse 2 new improved mane model

Whilst I love the idea of the new mapping on the DHorse2 with it’s large separate head map for super detailed textures, I have so many of my own custom made photoreal textures for the MIlHorse that I was gutted at the thought of not being able to use them with the new horse model.

3d Digital Portrait of my Welsh Cob

digital portraits of my horse made in Daz Studio and Photoshop

Well this is annoying! I finally found the pen for my graphics tablet (hiding between bottles of nail polish on my desk side…) and settled down with my render and Photoshop to finish up the portrait of my cheeky, chunky welsh cob, Cruz and as I often do got carried away….

Now after producing several variations of my image I just can’t decide on which one I like the best. This image is intended to hang in my hallway so I want the best one, but full of cold and feeling the tug of a hot bubble bath and my warm bed I need some help. Which one of the above images do you like the best? Also do you have any constructive suggestions to improve it?

Working on a new image

Chestnut Welsh Cob for Daz Millennium Horse

Once I find the pen for my ageing wacom intuos graphics tablet I can put the finishing touches (hair) to this digital portrait of my own horse Cruz.

Working on a new dapple grey texture

draft horse for Millennium Horse 3d

I have been working on a new dapple grey texture for my heavy draft horse morph for the Daz Millennium Horse figure. I have modeled this morph on the heavy european type draft horse such as the Breton

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