Completed Pictures

The Herald, 3d render in Daz Studio with Genesis and dragon

New image finished

After several different versions I’ve just finished a new digital art image, Herald. The figures (Genesis and Sub Dragon) were rendered in Daz Studio 4.6 and heavy postwork done in Photoshop and Flame Painter.

digital portraits of my horse made in Daz Studio and Photoshop

3d Digital Portrait of my Welsh Cob

Well this is annoying! I finally found the pen for my graphics tablet (hiding between bottles of nail polish on my desk side…) and settled down with my render and Photoshop to finish up the portrait of my cheeky, chunky welsh cob, Cruz and as I often do got carried away….

Now after producing several variations of my image I just can’t decide on which one I like the best. This image is intended to hang in my hallway so I want the best one, but full of cold and feeling the tug of a hot bubble bath and my warm bed I need some help. Which one of the above images do you like the best? Also do you have any constructive suggestions to improve it?

Trying out Carrara 7’s Landscaping tools with a Jurassic twist!

I didn’t realise just how good Carrara 7’s terrains can look until I started playing around with this render, and I hardly even scraped the surface as my now ageing computer was complaining too much when I upped the terrain resolution to what I was really wanting to work with. Overall I’m pretty pleased with …

Trying out Carrara 7’s Landscaping tools with a Jurassic twist! Read More »

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