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Here are some of my renders utilising the various 3d horse models over the past 10 years. I mainly use Poser and Daz Studio but some of them have been produced in Vue, Carrara, Bryce and Cinema 4d.

Some of the horse models used here are the old Poser 4 horse (many free downloads for this throughout my website), the Millennium Horse, Bloodsong’s Heavy Horse and the new Daz Horse 2 model.


Millennium Horse Native Pony Character, texture and full body morph FBMNative Pony Character for Daz Millennium Horse 1Lifelike poses for the Daz 3d Millennium Horse poses (MilHorse)Ultimate Millennium Horse Pose set for saleUnicorn Moon Poser and Vue Unicorn RenderGlossy Chestnut texture for MilHorseGlossy bay texture for the Millennium Horse (MilHorse)3d digital clone of friends gypsy cob horse using the Daz Millennium Horse 3d ModelCarrara dynamic hair on Daz Millennium HorseScout Paint Horse Texture for the Daz 3d Millennium Horse 3d horse modelBay Paint Millennium Horse TextureBay Tobanio Paint for MilHorseRed Gold Millennium Horse Digital Art PaintingDraft Horse for Daz3d Millennium Horse 3d model for Poser and Daz|StudioPoser Horse Unicorn Millennium Horse RenderPoser Horse Unicorn Millennium Horse Render

Some of my images are available printed on t shirts, mouse mats, mugs and more in my CafePress store here.

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