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Mane for Daz Horse 2 Now Free Download

Long wavy mane for the Daz Horse 2 free download

The conforming mane figure that I made in Hexagon for the Daz Horse 2 is now available as a freebie download here in my shop. I have also been working on DSON companion files for it so that it can be used in read more

More of my old Poser freebies

photoreal texture for Bloodsong's Bigface Buck for Poser and Daz Studio

[ad code=4 align=center] As part of migrating my old website over into WordPress  here are a few more of my Poser Freebies 🙂 Click images to download.

Making a new mane for the Daz Horse 2

free mane for Daz Horse 2 (DH2) 3d horse model

Well I’ve shelved my Daz Horse 2 MilHorse uv project as CauriB over on the Daz3d forum has released her project for free download including the remap to the MilHorse. One thing I’ve found lacking in the new Daz Horse read more

Remapping the Daz Horse 2

Daz Horse 2 new improved mane model

Whilst I love the idea of the new mapping on the DHorse2 with it’s large separate head map for super detailed textures, I have so many of my own custom made photoreal textures for the MIlHorse that I was gutted at the thought of not being able to use them with the new horse model.

Free Tiling Textures

After reading Karanta’s excellent blog earlier today I was inspired to make some tiling textures from a Flame Painter image I made ages ago.

I spent some fun time in Paint Shop Pro playing around with them and thought I’d share them with everybody else 🙂

Free Seamless Nature Textures

A set of free textures of cliffs, vegetation, bark and sky for you to use in your renders.
Made from photos I took in Grand Canaria.

More Poser Freebies

[ad code=4 align=center] Here are a few free textures and a wall prop that I created for Poser and Daz Studio. The two cow textures are for the old, low polygon Daz cow model and I think they add a read more

Poser Freebies

Poser freebies to download

Free downloads for use in the following programs: Poser 4 to Poser 9 (including Poser Pro 2012 and Poser Artist), Daz|Studio, Vue d’Esprit 4, Vue Esprit 5, Vue Esprit 6 and Daz3d’s Carrara. I also have so many different downloads read more

Daz Studio 4 Pro, Hexagon 2.5 and Bryce 7 Pro Free!

Daz Studio basic edition has alway been free but its bigger siblings, Daz Studio Advanced and Daz Studio Pro have always have had a hefty price tag. Well now for a time limited period you can download Daz Studio 4 Pro (the most extensive version) for free.

Wow just trying out Flame Painter!

Well it seems I am being blown away by free software yet again this week! I have just stumbled upon a forum link to, owned by Peter Blaskovic. This website has the most awesome online free painting application that read more

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