Millennium Horse textures

The following renders are samples of my texture work on the Daz 3d Millennium Horse a.k.a. the MilHorse.

I’ve made all of them from scratch using high resolution photographs including some from my own horses, combined with hand painting in Photoshop.


Glossy bay texture for the Millennium Horse (MilHorse)Bay Tobanio Paint for MilHorseDark bay texture based on my own thoroughbred mare Millennium Horse model textureGlossy bay texture for the Millennium Horse (MilHorse)Carrara dynamic hair on Daz Millennium HorseGlossy Chestnut texture for MilHorsePiebald Gypsy Vanner for Daz3d Millennium HorseDraft Horse for Daz3d Millennium Horse 3d model for Poser and Daz|StudioBay Paint Millennium Horse TextureDapple grey drat horse texture and morph for the MilHorse

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