Meet Ronnie one of our models

I just thought that it would be nice for people who have used some of my textures and custom horse characters to meet one of our real life “models”, the adorable Ronnie.

Ron is my daughter’s pony and we have owned him since he was only two years old. He is a Welsh Pony of Cob Type otherwise known as a Welsh Section C, the smaller version of the world famous British native breed, the Welsh Cob.


He is the most loving, gentle, intelligent but spirited pony that I have ever known, he is strong enough to carry an adult (indeed my fiancée rides him!) and calm enough around children for my young nephews and niece to spend hours cuddling, riding and grooming him.

Round other horses he is a different “person” altogether, Ron was gelded just before we bought him at two and still thinks that he is a stallion! He is the definite boss over our other two horses and doesn’t seem to know that he is tiny (only 13.2hh) compared to them….

Several of my textures are based on Ronnie in his summer, spring and winter coats, his colour changes dramatically depending on the seasons, he is a lovely dappled rich bay in summer, much paler in winter and his spring coat, my favourite, is very dark and glossy with his dapples sharply defined.

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