Red Gold, a new piece of digital equine art image finished.

Well I’ve finished up a new composite image, entitled Red Gold. It was rendered in Poser 6 with the scenery painted in Photoshop. I also painted the horses mane and tail in Photoshop and blended the horse with the background.

Red Gold, an equine art digital painting
Red Gold by Angela D. Taylor 2010

I started off in Photoshop with some of my own brushes which I created by rendering clouds in Carrara against a solid black background and capturing the resulting renders into brushes in Photoshop. I then remembered Ron’s awesome water brushes that I saw on sale at Daz3d and dropped them in my shopping cart, and thought I’d snag his beautiful cloud brushes at the same time.

Mil Horse raw render straight from Poser 6
Bare untouched render

This image here to the right is the raw render, straight from Poser. It is the Millennium Horse from Daz3d with some of my custom morphs and one of my new realistic textures.

Whilst I usually love getting down to painting in Photoshop when I have the time this was and unusually frustrating experience as my trusty old graphics tablet (a cheap xp-pen) is playing up and Photoshop kept loosing the connection with it! Number one must have item now on my to buy list is a Wacom Intuos, after my wedding and new car that is!

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