Distractions, distractions a new horse model and a new texture…..

start of a new texture for the LowRez horse model from Daz3dWell today whilst waiting for a render to finish, I checked out Daz3d’s news letter and couldn’t resist when I saw that Predatron has a new LoRez Horse model out!

I bought it straight away and really like it, it doesn’t have many morphs (as of yet *wink*) but is ideal for the job for which it is designed, animation and for rendering scenes with multiple horses in which the Millennium Horse would grind most systems down to a halt!

A nice surprise is that most of my P4 horse, charger and Heavy Horse poses will work on this model, although the fetlocks need the rotations adjusting slightly, but a welcome addition to my render kit.Daz3d Low Resoloution (LoRez) Horse with my new texture

I’m still working on finishing up my Millennium Horse texture packages but couldn’t resist seeing how this horse will look with one of my photorealistic textures….. One thing that I have found so far is that the UVs are very nicely done, well laid out and so far minimal texture warping, so a big thumbs up there too 🙂 This render is how I’m getting along with it so far…

BTW i counted 23 coat textures that came with the LoRez horse package! They are hand painted, not photo based, but they are very detailed and very well done, hats off to Predatron!

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