Wow just trying out Flame Painter!

Flame Painter Unicorn Doodle
Doodle made with Flame Painter

Well it seems I am being blown away by free software yet again this week!thumbs_up

I have just stumbled upon a forum link to, owned by Peter Blaskovic. This website has the most awesome online free painting application that lets you paint with fractals.

I have just spent the last hour happily doodling away trying out all of the different settings and wishing my new tablet was here!

There is a desktop application version of Flame Painter with a lot more options available for only 14.90 EUR * 18.90 USD * 12.90 GPB, I will be buying this bargain program to support the fantastic work by this generous artist.

Pictured here are a few doodles I have made so far with the online version, please bare in mind these are only rough doodles and me just having a bit of fun smile_teeth


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