Loving Daz Genesis and Victoria 5!

Well I may be late to the party as up to now my human render characters have consisted mainly of Victoria 4 and Victoria 3 RR with a few Aiko’s peppered here and there for variety. Due to time and health constraints I have not had the time to read the forums at Daz and Renderosity in the way I used to and so got left behind with the whole Genesis thing. To top that off I hated the Daz Studio 4 interface, preferring to do most of my renders in Poser or DS 3.

I have to say that never having touched the Genesis model before that I was very pleasantly surprised when adding a Victoria 4 outfit and hair to V5 that a dialouge box popped up asking me what type of clothing or hair the items were and what character they were supposed to be, it then took a short time converting them and fitting them to Victoria 5 perfectly, I am now officially a VHB or a very happy bunny!

By changing the UV set for Victoria 5 to Victoria 4 in the material editor you can also use all of your old V4 textures, now I’m an EHB (even happier bunny)!.

The shape of Victoria 5 is very different to all the previous models, although it did somewhat remind me of Blackhearted’s Girl Next Door morph. You can’t really see it in the below screen grab but she has much more definition around the hips and thighs as well as being a much more petite model, no more line backer shoulders lol!


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