A new 3d Horse model and a new horse texture

adHorse at Renderosity

A texture I am working on for the adHorse model
A texture I am working on for the adHorse model

Last night I bought the new adHorse 3d model from Renderosity and was fired up with making a texture for it.

I don’t get a lot of time to do any 3d work any more due my my health problems and spending time with our real life horses but I set to and after 24 hours this glossy bay texture (unfinished) seen here on the left is where I am at with it at the moment.

I’m very pleased with how it is coming along and hope to be able to finish it up to be uploaded to my store here with in the next few days.

The photos that I am using to create this texture are of the same pony that my “Native Pony” for the Daz3d Millennium horse and my “Winter Bay” textures for the Poser 4 horse were made from with the difference that these are of him in his shiny dappled bay summer coat.

The above test image of the adHorse model is rendered in Daz|Studio (from Daz3d), as it was a test render I didn’t add any lights and upped the ambient settings of the materials as I didn’t want any shadows obscuring and problems.

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