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3D Digital portraits I have created over the past decade from various 3d human figures using Poser, Daz Studio, Vue, Carrara and more.

3d rendering of my beloved German Shepherd Dog, ShadowCustom morphed Genesis 3 female with one of my own hair figures. Daz Studio Iray render.Daz Victoria 5 and Genesis character rendertotally impractical female armour Poser Daz Studio 3d renderSculptris sculpted headA toon character for Victoria 2Daz3d Michael 2 rendered in Poser 4 ProVictoria 3 moody portrait Poser 3dApril Poser 3d young girl portraitMaiden elf archerPoser hair prop made in Cinema 4d from this tutorialDaz 3d Aiko with Carrara Dynamic Haircinema 4d hair in poserToonima electrified girl Poser and Daz Studio Toon girl 3dDaz Studio render of Victoria in MFD

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