Carrara 3d

[caption id="attachment_71" align="aligncenter" width="747"]Carrara 7 T-Rex 3d render Trying out Carrara 7’s landscaping & atmosphere tools[/caption]

Carrara by Daz 3d is a great low to mid range all round 3d modeling, rendering and animating studio.

It contains many useful features such as dynamic hair, realistic landscaping tools, atmospheres and plants as well as being able to natively host Poser figures for a huge range of characters and accessories.

My most used 3d app after Daz Studio and Hexagon.

MilHorse Carrara Dynamic Hair

Early Experiments with Carrara Dynamic Hair

I just came across these old renders on my Picasa account and thought I’d upload them here.

They are from around the time Carrara 6 Pro was released and it was my aim to create realistic dynamic hair for the Millennium Horse model.

What I learned was that it took an awful lot of work to prepare the MilHorse model for use with dynamic hair in the first place as it has three seperate polygon meshes

Trying out Carrara 7’s Landscaping tools with a Jurassic twist!

I didn’t realise just how good Carrara 7’s terrains can look until I started playing around with this render, and I hardly even scraped the surface as my now ageing computer was complaining too much when I upped the terrain resolution to what I was really wanting to work with. Overall I’m pretty pleased with …

Trying out Carrara 7’s Landscaping tools with a Jurassic twist! Read More »

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