Remapping the Daz Horse 2

Please note, this project has now been shelved due to CaurieB releasing her excellent version over on her website here..

Daz Horse 2 MilHorse UVs

Daz Horse 2 with Millennium Horse both wearing the same texture thanks to matching UVs

I’ve been working on converting the Daz Horse 2  UV maps to the Daz Millennium horse‘s mapping. The above image shows where I have got to at the moment.

Whilst I love the idea of the new mapping on the DHorse2 with it’s large separate head map for super detailed textures, I have so many of my own custom made photoreal textures for the MIlHorse that I was gutted at the thought of not being able to use them with the new horse model.

I’m about 80% done at the moment, there are areas and the chest and lower legs that need polishing up and the nostril and inner eye area could do with realigning a bit more but I’m pretty pleased with my progress so far. I don’t know if I will be remapping the actual eyes as I like the new mapping.

If I can get this finished to my satisfaction I will give the new UVs away as a freebie for all of my readers 🙂

Any thoughts on it so far?

Also added in the gallery below are some renders of the Daz Horse 2 morph presets with some of my own alternate versions.

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