Photoscape great free image manipulation and batch editor

Photoscape is a great free image editing and manipulation tool that I’ve been using for a couple of years as an adjunct to Photoshop. It has several tabs similar to Poser’s “rooms” layout with different tools in each one.

There is an image browser, a basic editor, batch editor, page layout tool, image combine tool, print and screen capture tool. Whilst the image editor is handy for quick fixes, cropping and resizing what I find very useful is the batch editor and the image combine tool.

In the batch editor you can resize, crop, add borders, frames, logos or text. There is also nice collection of filters so that you can prepare a batch of images that fit a certain look like I do for my website here. Once you get a set of filters, crop, resize and borders/frames the way you like them (including logo and text) you can save the settings so you can bring them up any time you have a new batch of images to prepare that need to fit in with previous ones. I know you can record macros in Photoshop to do the same but this is just so quick and easy and saves a considerable amount of time for me so I thought I’d share it here.

The image combine tool is also a very quick and easy way of creating either a horizontal/vertical strip of images or a grid as a fast way to compare or show off images.

You can download Photoscape for free here for PC or here for Mac.


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