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Digital Content for Poser & Daz Studio All digital downloads will be available to you to download from your account page here as soon as your PayPal payment has completed.
The Gallery
3d Digital Art Gallery Here is a collection of my digital art that I've created over the years that I've been using Poser and Daz Studio. There are also some raw renders that illustrate some...
About Ladyfyre-Graphics
Ladyfyre-Graphics is owned, designed and run by myself, Angela Taylor. I was born and still live in the UK and have been living with the love of my life for twelve blissful years and have...

Poser and Daz Studio Digital Doodles | Ladyfyre-graphics

Digital content & Poser Freebies

Hello and welcome to LadyfyreGraphics digital doodles. I create my digital artwork mainly with Smith Micro's Poser, Daz3d's Daz Studio, Carrara 8, Daz Hexagon (for 3d modelling), E-on Software's Vue and of course Adobe Photoshop software.

red eff warrior maid rendered in Poser 7I love making Poser morphs, characters and textures, especially for the poser horse models. I have a small herd of real horses as my muse and use photographs of them and friends horses to build my textures and poses from. I also have some clothing textures and free hair models that I have made over the years available in my free Poser downloads.

I have posted several tutorials and articles here, how to make Poser hair models in Cinema 4d is one example.

xxx ~Angela~ Ladyfyre-Graphics, 10th May, 2014.

Watch “New! Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012: Constraint Objects and Channels” on YouTube

Fresh new look for Ladyfyre-Graphics

Well I’ve been busy for the last couple of days dusting off my bulk of my website, (take a peek here) and after a few different looks I’ve decided on one that I’m happy with for now. I’d love to hear from people what they think of it as it’s …

Daz Victoria 5 and Genesis character render

Loving Daz Genesis and Victoria 5!

Well I may be late to the party as up to now my human render characters have consisted mainly of Victoria 4 and Victoria 3 RR with a few Aiko’s peppered here and there for variety.

Native Pony Character on Sale Now

My Native Pony morph and texture set for the Daz3d Millennium Horse model is now on sale, reduced by 35% to $6.50! This package is based on Ronnie, a real life Welsh Section C  (Welsh Pony of  Cob Type) owned by my daughter who is a British breed of native …

photoreal texture for Bloodsong's Bigface Buck for Poser and Daz Studio

More of my old Poser freebies

[ad code=4 align=center] As part of migrating my old website over into WordPress  here are a few more of my Poser Freebies 🙂 Click images to download.

draft horse for Millennium Horse 3d

Working on a new dapple grey texture

I have been working on a new dapple grey texture for my heavy draft horse morph for the Daz Millennium Horse figure. I have modeled this morph on the heavy european type draft horse such as the Breton

Poser freebies to download

Poser Freebies

Free downloads for use in the following programs: Poser 4 to Poser 9 (including Poser Pro 2012 and Poser Artist), Daz|Studio, Vue d’Esprit 4, Vue Esprit 5, Vue Esprit 6 and Daz3d’s Carrara. I also have so many different downloads for the various Poser horse models (P4 Horse, MilHorse etc) …

DHorse2 Pony Character Morph

I’ve hit a problem with my mane figure for the Daz Horse 2 model in that when loaded in a scene you can only select it from the scene panel in Daz Studio, I had thought that I had hit a bug in Daz Studio but it doesn’t look as though anything else is effected 🙁

The Herald, 3d render in Daz Studio with Genesis and dragon

New image finished

After several different versions I’ve just finished a new digital art image, Herald. The figures (Genesis and Sub Dragon) were rendered in Daz Studio 4.6 and heavy postwork done in Photoshop and Flame Painter.

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