New texture WIP for Hivewire3d Horse

New Texture for Hivewire 3d Horse Harry

I love working with this horse model, it poses amazingly and the way the mane and tail work with the model is sheer genius.

On all of these renders I am only using the mane and tail that comes with the model, no post work painting hair in at all. Check out the mane on the dapple grey render to the right here, although I have added some filters to enhance the bare render  just look at that luxurious mane that I achieved by moving a few sliders!

The dapple grey is another work in progress texture as I needed one for an image I was asked for.

If you are looking for a realistic 3d horse model for Poser or Daz Studio go directly to Hivewire 3d now!

A new Texture for Hivewire 3d Horse Harry.

There is a new 3d horse available for Daz Studio and Poser users from Hivewire3d. I will be finishing up a blog post soon about this revolutionary new figure but for now I have been so engrossed with using him that I haven’t yet had time to do so.

Just for now I just wanted to add a preview of a photo texture that I’m currently working on for him, I’ve got the main part all blocked in and now need to finish the legs, ears and seams. This is for the body only at the moment, all other textures in these renders are from the HW3D horse itself, created by CRWR.

Another new texture for Hivewire 3d Horse

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