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Working on a new dapple grey texture

draft horse for Millennium Horse 3d


Daz3d Millennium Horse (MilHorse) custom heavy horse morph and texture

Draft Horse Morph and Texture

I have been working on a new dapple grey texture for my heavy draft horse morph for the Daz Millennium Horse figure. I have modeled this morph on the heavy european type draft horse such as the Breton (link leads to the Wikipedia entry for the breton horse breed) As you can see from my render above I have still got quite a lot of work to do on the texture but I am happy with the morph as it now is. I will be working on a more realistic Shire horse morph too in the future as I have been very unhappy with the draft breed morph that comes with the Millennium Horse model and have been still using Bloodsong’s Heavy Horse model for that type.

draft horse for Poser Millennium Horse model by Daz3d

3d Draft Horse Morph for the Millennium Horse
(rendered in Poser)


Breton Horse

Breton Draft Horse from wikipedia

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