Horse Animation

This is just a very quick animation that I made with Poser and Vue Esprit of some horses galloping on a beach 🙂

For this animation I made the horse textures in Photoshop (the horse model is the Millennium Horse from Daz3d) and then key framed the gallop animation from a video inside Poser 6, saving it as an animated pose and a PZ3.

Then I opened up Vue Pro Studio and created the landscape and lighting and imported three copies of the PZ3 (Poser save file), changing the textures of two of the so that they looked like different horses. I set the gallop animations to repeat and used the animation wizard to create the gallop paths.

The final touch was to parent one of my cameras to one of the horses and add some tweaks to it to make it more realistic looking. I rendered out two separate camera angles, one from the side and one with the animated, parented camera and then joined them together,adding sound and titles.

Even though it is quite short I enjoyed making it and was pleased with the result – a rarity for me!

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