Morphing Poser Hair with Cinema 4d

Note: This is an old tutorial that I wrote to help with morphing Poser hair


 in Cinema 4d however it was written for older versions of the software but as far as I know the steps should hold true for current versions.

Cinema 4d by Maxon is a very powerful program and is excellent when used in conjunction with Poser, but for some reason when using its native import/export wavefront obj it messes up the vertex order in a morph target ending up with a screwed up mess!

Now thanks to Spanki of we can use all those powerful tools in Cinema 4d to morphs out Poser figures and props. He has created and released free of charge the awesome RipTide plug-in which allows seamless Import/Export of Poser morphs..

Click on the images below for a step by step slide show of the morphing process.



Click the below link to download this tutorial as a pdf: [sdm_download id=”3318″ fancy=”1″]

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