DHorse2 Pony Character Morph

I’ve hit a problem with my mane figure for the Daz Horse 2 model in that when loaded in a scene you can only select it from the scene panel in Daz Studio, I had thought that I had hit a bug in Daz Studio but it doesn’t look as though anything else is effected 🙁 Until I work out what is going on I decided to work on another project I have been planning my pony character morph. I’ve got the head and body almost finished but now have to scale the legs and overall size to realistic proportions, one of the images above rendered with CRWR’s buckskin texture from the Pro Bundle shows where I’ve got to with it so far. The grey horse image above shows another of my morphs, Arab Blood, supposed to be  a horse with a high percentage of arabian blood and the last image is rendered with an old MilHorse texture of mine that I made for a bit of fun using photographs of a bay horse, a tiger and a leopard using CaurieB’s Millennium Horse UVs for the DHorse2. Well that was my break for today so tomorrow will try to find out what is causing the problem with my mane figure and crack on with it.

4 thoughts on “DHorse2 Pony Character Morph”

  1. Phoenixdrache

    I like your work too! 🙂

    Can’t find a downloadbutton for the Daz Horse 2 Mane.
    I allways come back to the same site… do I something wrong??? 🙁
    Sorry for my english… O.o

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