Daz Horse 2 – thoroughbred digital clone & new render

I’ve been updating my digital clone of our thoroughbred ex racehorse mare, Karina for the Daz Horse 2 (DH2) model for Daz Studio and Poser.

This is a custom morph built in Hexagon through the Daz Studio bridge with the texture being one I made of the same horse for the DAZ3d Millennium horse model (used on DH2 via CauriB’s generous remapped UV’s). The mane is not the original DH2 one but my own model which can be downloaded here).

I can see by reviewing this post before publishing that for some reason the leg, torso and neck scaling that I did has not saved into the preset so I will have to redo that grrrr as they all should be elongated in comparison to most breeds.

Also included in this post is a new render I did for a print of two customised DH2 horses, when making this image I had in mind the old steam merry go round horses from my childhood that my wonderful grandmother loved so much and termed “the gallopers”. Whilst the horses in the render are supposed to be real animals the pose/posture is based on my happy memories of my gran riding the gallopers with my sisters and myself whilst in my imagination at the time they were not fiberglass figures but real flesh and blood horses  🙂

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