Banging head on keyboard….

…..or Daz Studio Property Editor Fail…..

Sometimes I wonder why I just can’t accept things as they are and move on to the next project. Instead I’m a tinkerer who is never happy if there is the possibility of improving one of my creations…

Over the years I’ve created quite a few personal figures with Poser’s built in tools and am quite happy with editing the figure rigging and adding things like ghost bones although I’m no way near being a guru i manage to muddle along.

Well since last night I’ve been working on my mane for the Daz Horse 2 model, making some more morphs and editing the groups to help it to conform better when the horses neck bends, learning as I go. This morning I had the idea of making ghost bones for movement and so opened up the property editor and found out how to create a bone quite easily but could not figure out how to make it effect the forelock area that I was trying to make it bend.

Whilst trying to figure it out I was opening items in the property editor and found the morphs section and was very happy when I found out just how easy it is to group morphs into their own headings making posing and shaping  much easier.

Then I found that when using the transfer utility to rig the model it had assigned random bones from the horses legs to my model so thinking it was like Poser in that you can just delete unwanted bones I removed them. Yes there was a dialogue warning me that it was not undo able but I just presumed it was for that instance that I had open…. Not so!  After realising that deleting the bones also deleted most of my mesh I deleted the mane figure and opened my saved version up from the Smart Content tsb only to find that this one too has been destroyed! Not a happy bunny here as it means that all my work from last night and this morning has been wasted 🙁

Luckily I still have my previous versions but now will have to redo all my work over again, sure this must be a huge mistake in the programming of Daz Studio or is it something else I did? I didn’t save the broken figure so not sure what I did.

Anyways I just thought I’d post this here as a warning to other people learning how to create content in Daz Studio 4.5.

3 thoughts on “Banging head on keyboard….”

  1. outstanding work u do!
    i am so confused w/the rtencoder stuff yikes!
    i want to learn how to edit the main for fullness & length,thanks

  2. @thrush. trying to type whilst baby minding lol. I will try to do a tutorial once everything else is finished but foe now the simplest way to make it longer would be to use DFormers inside studio itself. x

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