my digital doodles with Poser and Daz|Studio
All fixed!

Well I figured out how to fix my previous mistake with my custom mane model for the Daz Horse 2 3d figure and then I decided to make a morph to temporarily fix the bending problem until I work out how to use Daz Studio's rigging. Fixing the broken geometry At first I thought I'd lost around 8 hours worth of work with the mesh breaking on my object but luckily I had saved the base figure under a different name a couple of days previously so opened up the broken figure in NotePad++ (please note I always save my work uncompressed so that I can edit it if needed in a text editor) and searched for the .dsf file in it so that I could find it's location. I then opened the dsf file folder up in windows explorer and changed the file extension to .dsfbak. Continue reading
More of my old Poser freebies

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As part of migrating my old website over into WordPress  here are a few more of my Poser Freebies

Click images to download.

Leather stitched dress texture for Electronica Fashions Vicky Torq dress. Wall prop Continue reading
More Poser Freebies

Empty ad slot (#4)!

Here are a few free textures and a wall prop that I created for Poser and Daz Studio.

The two cow textures are for the old, low polygon Daz cow model and I think they add Continue reading

This weeks freebie from Daz3d

Daz3d (3d software and content provider) give away some pretty cool free downloads every week.

This week’s freebie is no exception, it’s a realistic crime scene complete with props!

As with all Daz freebies it will be available for one Continue reading