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Red Gold, a new piece of digital equine art image finished.

Red Gold thumbnail

Well I’ve finished up a new composite image, entitled Red Gold. It was rendered in Poser 6 with the scenery painted in Photoshop. I also painted the horses mane and tail in Photoshop and blended the horse with the background.

Distractions, distractions a new horse model and a new texture…..

Maiden elf archer

Well today whilst waiting for a render to finish, I checked out Daz3d’s news letter and couldn’t resist when I saw that Predatron has a new LoRez Horse model out! I bought it straight away and really like it, it doesn’t have many morphs (as of yet *wink*) but is ideal for the job for [Read More…]

Sooty Bay Millennium Horse Texture

Maiden elf archer

I have almost finished a new sooty bay texture for the Daz3d Millennium Horse that will be part of my new package. This is a very detailed glossy texture and is one of my favorites so far. The horse texture package is taking longer than I expected as I keep finding new stuff that I [Read More…]

Daz3d MilHorse Paint Texture

Maiden elf archer

I’ve been quite busy today making a new texture for the MiHorse model. I’m calling it Scout (original huh!) and it is a coloured paint horse texture with beautiful dapples on the bay part of the texture. It is still a work in progress but will eventually be part of a texture pack available in [Read More…]



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