my digital doodles with Poser and Daz|Studio
More of my old Poser freebies

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As part of migrating my old website over into WordPress  here are a few more of my Poser Freebies

Click images to download.

Realistic texture for Daz 3d buck Wall prop for Poser and Daz Continue reading
Millennium Horse textures

The following renders are samples of my texture work on the Daz 3d Millennium Horse a.k.a. the MilHorse.

I’ve made all of them from scratch using high resolution photographs including some from my own horses, combined with hand painting in Continue reading

Daz3d MilHorse Paint Texture

My new paint texture for the Daz Millennium Horse model

I’ve been quite busy today making a new texture for the MiHorse model.

I’m calling it Scout (original huh!) and it is a coloured paint horse texture with beautiful dapples Continue reading